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    Mist valley



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    Mist valley

    Post by Admin on Fri Apr 01, 2016 8:31 pm

    Mist valley is home to kitsunes, mermaids or mermans, and darkdwellers. Kitsunes stay in the high areas where the trees actually grow and the water are consider hot springs. mermaids dwell in the under water caves in the rocky areas where the water makes underground canals that connects to the ocean. Dark dwellers stay in the deep parts in caves. Beware dark dwellers contain snake, spider, and evil mermaids known as sirens.

    Kitsunes are natural prideful and won't stoop to a humans level while mermaids are laid back. Darkdwellers are sneaky and cunning creatures but what both have in common is being protective of their children who don't set off into the world till 16.

    Fill out this application:

    Race: [kitsunes/darkdwellers/mermaids]
    gender: [male, female, nonbinary]
    weapon: [blaze mancer/curse riddler/water warrior/spark mancer/ ocean singer/ poison taunter]
    age: [from 16 and up]
    description: [picture or describe]
    trait: [ prideful, laid back, aggressive, arrogant ]

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