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    Blood forest



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    Blood forest

    Post by Admin on Thu Mar 31, 2016 8:31 pm

    In The dark part of the forest are nekos and werewolves! Of course they don't get along and infact they live in separate tribes. Want to find them? Find their tracks!

    So which one are you?

    Werewolves and nekos train faster so they usually head out into the world at 14 though they never stray too far from home. Nekos are mostly peaceful while werewolves are more aggressive! Watch out, werewolves are easily angered!

    Don't forget their special traits!  

    Fill out this application:

    Race: [Werewolf/nekos]
    gender: [male, female, nonbinary]
    weapon: [Warrior, Hunter, healer]
    age: [from 14 and up]
    description: [picture or describe]
    trait: [ witty, aggressive, passive, oblivious ]

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