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    The village of legend



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    The village of legend

    Post by Admin on Wed Mar 30, 2016 8:20 pm

    Humans and spell casters live here! Though you will see humans in the morning but in the night witches and wizards appear and cause a muck. Look out for black cats! If our trying to find this place follow the deer! The village has a barrier so other creatures can't enter! There is a distance before they are unable to continue.

    So which one are you?

    you could be a human knight! Protect the people with a mighty sword that withstand spells!
    You could be a summoner spellcaster or spelldancer; call upon dark dwellers or perform tricky dance moves to win!
    Be a human ranger and the beast of the forest shall aid you!

    All good humans and spellcasters begin at age 15, some leave their families and leave the village all together! In order to get better you must have experience right?

    Let's not forget a trait! These traits can be important!

    Fill out this application:

    Race: [human\spellcaster]
    gender: [male, female, nonbinary]
    weapon: [knight, summoner, spell dancer, ranger]
    age: [from 15 and up]
    description: [picture or describe]
    trait: [ intelligent, witty, alert, agile]

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